Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yo ... Time Flies

If I don't get with the program, I will be left with a total of 13 blog entries during this calendar year! Rest assured, it is not that I lack what to say.

For example; we, my wife, Joanne, and I, bring our lunch to work with us, but often, last year, it was not enough and I found myself eating one or more of these high quality and delicious bars that we sell at the office. And, you are correct, they are not made locally from local food. Not only are they out for us for the year, but they are sitting right in front of me every day when I am feeling a bit peckish. I must keep my guard up and bring tons of great food to eat. My only real hope is to bring lots of food. My guard is not well developed. These gorgeous potatoes and carrots are the kind of tasty stuff that I need on hand.

We have a great, little, all-organic, health food market and cafe in Ojai, CA call The Farmer & the Cook. They have their own farm, which is where this arugula came from. I don't know if Steve and Olivia (the farmer and the cook) put up this little sign on the arugula for us, but it is appreciated and helps when I cruise through the store to pick up only-local food. I am hoping that they will offer to host an all-local dinner night one of these nights this year.

I will try to get back to y'all sooner this time with the next post. :)


Jovi said...

the bit about your guard made me laugh. robert, too. he says, "unfortunately, your father has a truly colossal ability to eat!". good luck with that! i'd imagine if you brought protein snacks (hardboiled eggs?) it might last you a bit longer?

Kristofer Young, DC said...

Only people who "truly" know me, know of my colossal ability to eat. Feels good to be known. :)