Monday, January 19, 2009

My 3 Exceptions for January

Did I tell you what I decided on for my third exception? Coconut. I love the oil and ought to buy myself a nut. For review, #1 is brown rice and #2 is pinto beans.

Recently found myself wondering when my cactus plants will start leafing. Love those nopales! When it does leaf, I plan to teach a class on prepping and cooking them.

A young patient of mine is a professional fisherman. He and I are going to work out a trade. Should be delicious!

I am going to use my first total-meal exception tomorrow night at the Obama Inaugural Ball in Ojai; two major historical firsts in one day.

My brother, Kap, owes me a birthday lunch from last October. That will be my second meal exception for January.

We are already almost 3 weeks into this 52-week project. This year is sure to fly like the wind.

I am definitely experiencing some challenge doing this project. But, it is good. I like the palpable nature of the everyday, every meal, every snack awareness that is required.

I realize that I want to make a list of the local foods that are available to me in January.

I'm already looking forward to the fruit from my loquat tree.

Stay tuned, or just be turned.

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robert said...

i love your enthusiasm here and the way you're quite obviously feeling good about doing something valuable and interesting. very cool.