Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inauguration Ball January Meal Exception

I know .... you are wondering what in the heck that title means. Well, each of us core-locavores lives by the Eat Local One Year Guidelines - guidelines . Within the minimalist guidelines that we have sworn to, is the option that we may eat 2 meals per month that are not local food.

My excitement was so great with the election and inauguration of our new president, that I just HAD to get out and party with other LOCAL folks who themselves were thrilled by the change that we are creating and experiencing. So, Joanne and I went to the Inaugural Ball in Ojai, hosted by Darakshan Farber. What a great time! What great live music! What fun dancing with Joanne!

And, I ate and drank at the Ball. The things I consumed were not local. The 3 rum and cokes surely were not local. Neither were the peanuts, corn chips, and ribs. So this was my first of 2 exception meals for the month of January. I've got one exception left for January .... you'll see.

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