Sunday, February 8, 2009

Juice and Beans

So, we start with local carrots from the Farmer and the Cook in Meiners Oaks, kale and swiss chard from my garden.....

run them through the juicer,

spit out the pulp,

collect the juice,

and enjoy the juice of your labor!!!

And since it has been a whole week since I have posted, I will also spill the beans and the eggs.

We just recently found organic beans from a farm in Carpinteria. I think we got limas, pinquitos, and great northern beans. Here are Kathy Nolan (core locavore) and Joanne, weighing out beans.

The story with the eggs is that we had an all-local potluck at our house on the 5th and invited our friend Eric Webalowsky. Eric brought eggs from his own personal chickens, and brought them in this recycled carton.

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