Sunday, March 1, 2009

1/6 Done

Wow! Has this gone fast! Just started, and our project is 1/6 over. No question, this year will be a breeze! So, where was I?

On Feb 22 we had our first "core" potluck since our Jan 1 launch party. What a great time and GREAT all-local food!!! It was so interesting to hear how life was for other 100-mile locavores. How good it feels to be with others who understand.
Joanne, Laurel, Rachel Morris, Nilufer

In this second picture you see Steve Beebe of Quarter Mile Films working on our documentary.

In January and February, one of our (Joanne's and my) exceptions, was brown rice. Got to buy it in bulk - 25 lbs. This month, March, we are using millet as our grain exception. We are ready for the next 30 days.

The picture above may look to you to be a beautiful blossoming apricot tree in my back yard farm. But, from the eyes of a 100-mile locavore on March 1, it looks like the place from which I will be picking delicious apricots in the summer. Not a lot of difference, but notice how I am not in the moment.

Finally, remind me to speak to you of coffee. :) Next time.

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Rick Cole said...

It's amazing what a small group of committed people can do to raise awareness, educate others and set a positive example for us all.

Thanks for showing the way!